Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting In To The Routine

I've been walking/jogging/running after work ever since last Thursday and I have to admit that even though I hate it I do like the feeling of accomplishment after I've done my 3 miles. I've done this five days now and everyday it gets easier and everyday I feel like I can see the results. I can actually walk up two flights of steps in the office without being out of breath. It's a great feeling. I can also fit into pants that were at one time really tight. Things are going pretty good so far. 

I downloaded this app called Footsteps for my iPhone. It's a pedometer app. It's amazing how many steps we take in a day just on average without even running or jogging. I have successfully passed the 10,000 steps that people try and set their daily goal for. Today I did it again. I am hoping in a few months I will feel significantly better and look a lot skinner too. It's been too long since I've been skinny and its about time I get into shape.

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  1. How accurate do you think that app is Tim? How about an update on your jogging? I never thought you would be going for the distance running of 3 miles. Intervals and a bunch of sprints put together I could see but I remember you being with us fat line man in the long distance laps.