Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's been about a month now since I purged all of my activity on Facebook. I deleted old posts, old photos that I didn't think I really needed out there and all of my "Thumbs Up" actions. Why? Well, for me it was just about wanting to maintain some privacy in my life and I also felt that being on Facebook and Twitter took a lot of time away from me actually living my life. I found that I was always looking at people's photos, reading their posts and basically ignoring my own life to read about and look at other people's lives. So, I decided to deleted all of my social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. You know what? I don't regret deleting everything and not being on these social media sites all the time. I look at my Facebook and Twitter feeds every now and then but what used to be an action that was done several times through out the day has become only once a day and only for a few minutes and I don't miss posting at all.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dual Ear Infections

I haven't had an ear infection in over two years. I used to get them yearly when I lived in Silver Spring and Columbia, Maryland. When I moved North of these places and stopped working in DC I found my ear infections seemed to clear up. So what happened? 

I woke up last Monday feeling dizzy and brushed it off thinking it was just due to congestion. As the week progressed my dizziness got worse and it became a problem. Vertigo isn't a pleasant feeling. I felt liked I had to vomit all the time and standing up or walking was difficult. After putting it off the whole week I finally went to the doctor's office. 

I have to ear infections which were causing my vertigo. I am on medicine and I think it's clearing up these infections. What is weird is that I didn't have any pain this time. Normally I have pain in my inner ear that signals me to think that I have an infection. This time I got two of them, one in each ear and I didn't feel a thing. 

I've done nothing but sleep since Friday night. I've gotten up occasionally to eat, use the bathroom, surf the web or watch a movie on Netflix. 

It's nice to have an excuse to be lazy but at the sane time it's better not to be sick. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cold Weather

I don't know about you but I don't think I have ever seen temperatures as low as we've seen over this past week. The other day it was -4 degrees F when I woke up. I couldn't believe it was that cold and what was more shocking was seeing just how cold it was around the nation. I do not know how people whom are not accustomed to this weather dealt with the extreme coldness.

Today wasn't too bad, as a matter of fact, it actually felt warmer today due to the fact that it actually hit the mid 20's and it has been the highest so far this week.

At home and at night, I tend to use my electric blanket. When I am out and about, you can count on my wearing my hat, heavy jacket, scarf and gloves. I don't mess with the cold. As a matter of fact, I hate it. I keep telling myself that I am probably going to end up in FL or some place warm like that since I can't stand the cold. I would however miss the change of the seasons.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014!

This is the first post for 2014. 2013 is now nothing but a year in the history books. Did you take the time to think about all that has happened last year? Did you set realistic goals for this new year? Did you have any regrets for last year? As the new year begins I am sure all of us have thought about the past year and have given some thought about this year as it has begun.

For me 2013 had its challenges. Despite some minor setbacks and difficult times I can honestly say that last year overall was a good one.

Some highlights for 2013:

01. Family vacation to ME where I tried my first lobster roll. I was able to visit a famous light house in ME. ( I took a trolley ride through Kennebunkport ( and even hit a flea market while I was in town.

02. I celebrated a milestone birthday this year. It is amazing how fast time seems to go by. 

03. I started exercising around August since I realized that I was at a weight that wasn't good for my health. As a result of my exercising I lost over 20 pounds in five months. I also managed to get my cholesterol under control and I helped improve my overall health by doing a daily walk during my lunch hour at work.

04. I successfully transitioned from one job duty to another within the company I work for. At one time I was only doing product revenue analysis, then I was doing product and services and now I am   assigned to service revenue analysis only. It was a welcomed change. 

05. I cooked my first lobsters for my annual New Year's Eve surf and turf dinner with my wife.

Of course there were some setbacks and disappointments but I won't list them here  since I want to try and start this year off on a positive note. 

The year has just begun and I hope it brings you happiness, success and joy.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Milestone Birthday Year

A few weeks ago I had a milestone birthday. I cannot believe how old I am now. It's amazing how time has gone by and the subtle differences in how I've changed have become more prominent. What I mean by this, is that over the years I've noticed that I've gained some weight, my facial features have changed, my hearing isn't as good as it used to be, and my eyesight seems to be getting a little worse. But it is not all bad as I get older in that I feel like I've gained more experience in dealing with life issues, dealing with stress, and dealing with difficult people. 

I am thankful that another year has passed and I've been able to experience the wonderful joys that life has to offer. Although I do not like the fact that I'm getting old, I do like the fact that I'm able to live my life and that I've gotten to this point in time. 

For those of you who view a birthday as a bad thing and because you're worried about your age and that you're getting older, just remember not everybody was as fortunate as you and aren't able to celebrate another birthday. Just a thought.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Times That Bind

This weekend I've been away with my family in Maine. My parents rented a house for everyone to stay in for the week. It's been fun hanging out with everyone. Good food, laughter and drinks. These are the times we need to remember, after all, there's nothing like family.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting In To The Routine

I've been walking/jogging/running after work ever since last Thursday and I have to admit that even though I hate it I do like the feeling of accomplishment after I've done my 3 miles. I've done this five days now and everyday it gets easier and everyday I feel like I can see the results. I can actually walk up two flights of steps in the office without being out of breath. It's a great feeling. I can also fit into pants that were at one time really tight. Things are going pretty good so far. 

I downloaded this app called Footsteps for my iPhone. It's a pedometer app. It's amazing how many steps we take in a day just on average without even running or jogging. I have successfully passed the 10,000 steps that people try and set their daily goal for. Today I did it again. I am hoping in a few months I will feel significantly better and look a lot skinner too. It's been too long since I've been skinny and its about time I get into shape.